New Darien Restaurant Opens up in Noroton Heights

By Danny Rizzuto - 11/06
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Darien does not have a lot of restaurants to choose from.  There are a few like Ten Twenty Post, The Goose, and The Melting Pot; however those places do not appeal to the tight pocketed student.  Adults are usually the customers at these fancy places because of the steep prices.  So students usually turn towards eateries like Burger Shakes and Fries or Post Corner Pizza that are more relaxed and cheap.  Here, students can sit down and enjoy a meal with friends or family in a friendly atmosphere.  Now, Darien has a new restaurant that appeals to both the adults and students as a good choice to satisfy their hunger.

Phil’s Grill is the new restaurant that has Darien talking.  The restaurant is located where the old Roxy Video Store used to be, at 340 Noroton Heights.  Located in the Noroton Heights shopping area, shoppers now have a chance to stop in and sit down to an enjoyable meal.  And for those looking just for a nice place for lunch or dinner, Phil’s location is very accessible from most parts of Darien and the highway. 

Although Phil’s grill was located in an old video store, there is no evidence of the store’s past life.  The decorations and modeling of the building give it a comfortable but elegant feeling when a customer walks in.  With a large seating area including booths and tables, the restaurant is sure to be able to accompany large amounts people during the busier hours.  Also, Phil’s Grill will be opening an outside patio which will be able to accompany more people and allow customers to enjoy beautiful weather.  The atmosphere is welcoming and Phil Santomassi, the owner, walks around exchanging pleasantries with the people.  The conversations he holds are both polite and interesting, and he is always looking out for the customer. 

With over 40 different meals on the menu, there is something for everyone.  The entrees range from Smoked Baby Rack Ribs to Junction Chicken.  However, as the name implies, Phil’s Grill should be most noted for its burgers and other grilled items.  Featuring multiple different burger selections, two popular and delicious ones are the Blue Wave Burger and All American.  (going to get more info on burger).  The All American was a delicious meal that left the customer satisfied.  Juicy and well cooked, the meal will not disappoint.  There is also a hot dog for those less adventurous.  The hot dog is an average dog that does not fail to satisfy, but does not go beyond expectations.  However, the French fries were spectacular.  They were cut into potato chips and went past expectations.  There are also regular cut French fries too.  And, the milkshakes were the favorite order of the day.  Although a good milkshake was expected, the ones at Phil’s Grill are something to look forward too.  The milkshakes were so good that it was difficult not to drink it all before the main course came.

A big down side to Phil’s Grill is the pricing.  All though not too expensive, the average high school student will be a little disappointed with the amount of money he will have to spend for his meal.  The average will look to be around 20 dollars for a full meal including an appetizer, entrée, and drink at Phil’s.  So Phil’s may not be an everyday stop, but on a nice occasion Phil’s can be the destination.

Overall Phil’s Grill should be welcomed by the students of DHS as well as the Darien Community.