Senior Backpacks

By Christian Panier - 06/09
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It’s that time of year again. For underclassmen, the last few weeks of school are a time to buckle down and boost up any sagging grades from third quarter. For seniors, not so much. June is a time when Senioritis is most likely to strike. Most seniors have already figured out their plans for next year, and now that they have smaller loads of homework, the ginormous backpacks that they once carried are no longer necessary. Hence, we have senior backpacks – those tiny bags that stick out of the crowd, whether it be for their bright colors or odd shapes. Either way, you can’t miss them. Here are a few notable senior backpacks that we felt you shouldn’t miss.

patrick smith


Patrick Smith

“I got my backpack on eBay a few years ago for seven dollars. It was too small to hold all of my books before, but now that its second semester of senior year and I have less work, I can use it. I love Star Wars and it makes me laugh, so that’s why I use it.”






jake seymour



Jake Seymour

“I got the briefcase to be the opposite of a senior slacker.  I got it at Staples.  I first used it during our Forensics Final, where I came in dressed in a full suit, with random files to present during our “trial.”  I’ve been called suave, sexy, professional, and just all around awesome when I am seen sporting it.  All my school work is in manila folders.  Also inside are my headphones, books, and sometimes CDs.  In the future I hope to just have action figures in it.”






rosie jacobsen


Rosie Jacobsen

“My backpack is red and black plaid, I like it because it matches my flannels.  I bought it while I was in Maine and I'm definitely bringing it to school next year.”







demi gagliardi


Demi Gagliardi

“I got my bright orange backpack in the beginning of the year because it looked fun and different and mostly because I needed a backpack. I carried a bag last year and it was more comfortable to use a backpack. Because it was so bright it was easy to find at lunch and couldn’t get stolen or misplaced like the North Face ones always do, and like my old one used to all the time. But, unfortunately because of how bright and easy to find it was, it triggered my friends Chris and Chas’s attention every day at lunch. After lunch I’d find it inside out and above the heater, in the junior area, or if I was really lucky above the snack machines. So sadly, I had to stop using my backpack.”

Demi's backpack is almost as cool as her car. It's Hot in the Lot this month!



priscilla lee

Priscilla Lee

“As most people know I absolutely love Hello Kitty since it’s so cute. And I love cute things so anything Hello Kitty puts me in the happiest mood. I have a lot of Hello Kitty merchandise from wallets, to car gear, to clothes!  On my list of Hello Kitty things I’ve always wanted a backpack. I looked online, tried Wal-Mart and Target but I was not successful. Until one day when I was in the Trumbull Mall and I saw a backpack store.  I assumed that this backpack store would have many backpacks so I tried it and little did I know there was a pink Hello Kitty backpack! When I was buying this backpack I have to admit I felt a little awkward, with not only random store people giving me weird looks but my mom asking me, ‘Are you actually going to wear it?’  I’ve gotten many comments about the backpack, both good and bad, but what it comes down to is I think Hello Kitty is cute and that’s it!”

Priscilla isn’t kidding when she says she loves Hello Kitty. Check out her Jeep!