DHS' sports teams were decked out in spirit for Homecoming That's a lot of AP textbooks... in the Oxford Dictionary? Someone really wants you to audition for the play!

October: 2014


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Wave Fish Club Created

By Anthony DiMeglio- October '14

wavecastIs DHS ready for its newest club, Wave Fish, which is founded on a passion for all things fishing?



Sono Bakery Comes to Darien

By Sydney Baker- October '14

Illegal DownloadThe Sono Baking Company and Cafe has begun to make a name for itself amongst the Darien High School population.



UN Club and/or Model Congress

By Nick Hartunian- October '14

Illegal DownloadWhat's the real difference between these two popular, politically-driven clubs?



The College Process: Season 2, Episode 1

By Anonymous - October '14

wavecastAre you ready for college applications? I know I'm not.



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green sneekers

School Spirit

Homecoming Carnival Review

By Erinn Ravosa- October '14

wavecastHear what DHS upperclassman have to say of the recent Homecoming Carnival.

The Identity of a Sophomore

By Claire Borecki- October '14

wavecastFind out who the tenth graders really are and why they matter to our school.

Everyday Leaders of DHS

By James Fox- October '14

wavecastDHS has an array of students who take the lead both inside the classroom and out. Click to read about a few student leaders.

School Dances

By Erinn Ravosa- October '14

wavecastSchool dances are certainly not the talk of the school, but why? See what students have to say.

Unbroken: Success?

By Jake Frasca- October '14

wavecastDid the English Department really expect students to read
"Unbroken" this summer?


New Gym Policy

By Sam Hickey- October '14

wavecastHas administration gone too far with the new physical education policy?

You Can Survive Your AP Classes

By Amanda Sload- October '14

wavecastSome classes are stress-free, but then there are AP classes. Don't worry, though, you'll make it through with these helpful tips!

How to Avoid Procrastination in the College Process

By Caroline McKay- October '14

wavecastHaving trouble getting started on those college essays? Click here for some tips to get going.


Paddle Club Introduced to DHS

By Justin Yang- October '14

wavecastThis newly introduced sports team has already gained 25 its first week. Read about DHS' cool new Paddle Club.



Weird Words

By Amanda Percarpio- October '14

sam  Think bro hug and subtweet are just silly words that our teenage generation uses?! Think again. Neirad takes a closer look into some of the outlandish words added to the Oxford Dictionary.

DHS Linguistics

By Bridget Hannigan- October '14

just a thoughtAlthough many students may not notice, DHS has its own vocabulary. Freshman must be so confused...

Want to Code?

By Nick Hartunian- October '14

just a thoughtInterested in learning code or just curious about what all the fuss is for? Check out this article.


The Maze Runner Movie Review

By Sam Hickey- October '14

just a thoughtOnce a hugely popular book, The Maze Runner is now on the big screen. Here is Neirad''s take on the new blockbuster.