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December: 2014


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Darien High School Student Firefighters

By Amanda Sload- December '14

fire fightersLittle kids dream of going on a fire truck, something that some DHS students get to do practically every day. These probationary members of fire departments give their time to help the community and get to do some pretty awesome stuff, in addition to truly enjoying it.

Fall Sports Stats

By Britton Barthold- December '14

sportsFall sports delivered some memorable moments. Check out the most impressive stats from these dominant teams.


Things To Do in Stamford

By Amanda Percarpio- December '14

stamfordFind activities in Darien tiresome and repetitive? Head over to Stamford and take full advantage of the exciting options this nearby city has to offer. 

College Process: Season 2, Episode 3

By Anonymous- December '14

collegeAcceptance and Rejection Etiquette:

It’s been done before, but who says it can’t be said again?


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December Cheer

Family Holiday Recipes

By Amanda Percarpio- December '14

foodCheck out the unconventional holiday recipes families at Darien High School make.

Top 5 Christmas Movies

By Claire Borecki- December '14

ChristmasDesperately searching for the right Christmas movie, but feel like you don’t know where to turn? Well, your salvation has arrived.

When Was Christmas Better?

By Colin Flynn- December '14

ChristmasDo you enjoy re-living those old Christmas memories as a child, wishing you were still young, or do you prefer how you celebrate Christmas now as a mature teenager?

A Holiday Gift Guide

By Kyra Hammer- December '14

giftsAre you stuck on what to gift your friends and family for this holiday season? Read here for some ideas.

Handwashing Awareness Month

By Sam Hickey- December '14

handwash signDecember is known by many as the month of snow and Christmas, but few know it is also Handwashing Awareness Month.


Fall Sports Recap

By James Fox- December '14

sportsWhile Darien’s sports teams have always been some of the best in the state, never before have 6 of the 8 fall sports programs made it to the FCIAC or State finals.  Here’s a look back at one of the best fall season in DHS history.

Girls Lacrosse Helmets

By Erinn Ravosa- December '14

helmetWill concussions lead to the appearance of helmets in the female lacrosse league? Should they? Read on to decide yourself.

New Gym at Chelsea Piers

By Erinn Ravosa- December '14

gymLooking for a new gym to join? Look no further; Chelsea Piers, already home to seemingly every sport, has come to your rescue.

Best Dodgeball Tournament Team Names

By Jake Frasca- December '14

dodgeballDid you watch or participate in the Dodgeball Tournament? What names were your favorites? Read this to see what Neirad thinks.

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The Disappearance of Daniel Hand

By Claire Borecki- December '14

daniel handTheatre 308 takes on its first contemporary show in six years. Was it worth the risk?

Mockingjay: Part 1

By Caroline McKay- December '14

mockingjayThe beginning of the end is here. Read on to see what Neirad thought of the first part of the final film in the amazing Hunger Games trilogy.

Horrible Bosses 2

By Sam Hickey- December '14

horrible bossesJust because you liked the "Horrible Bosses" film doesn't mean you will like the sequel...

Dumb and Dumber Too

By Anthony DiMeglio- December '14

dumb and dumberSaw the first movie and thought it was hilarious? Read on to see what Neirad thought of Dumb and Dumber Too.


Chuck's Steakhouse Closes

By Erinn Ravosa- December '14

chuck'sIf you love Chuck’s Steak House, you might want to get the tissues as this staple restaurant is coming to a close.

Colbert Report Finishes Up

By Claire Borecki- December '14

colbertStephen Colbert is leaving The Colbert Report. This is why everyone should miss him.