Are snow days worth it? The DHS Girls Volleyball team dominates on the court Should you play House or high school basketball? Finstas (fake instagrams) have become all the rage at DHS

January: 2015


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Top Stories

The Pajama Game Preview

By Claire Borecki- January '15

Theatre 308Theatre 308 takes on a new challenge, a 1950s musical- with a 70 person cast. The show will be performed on March 19th, 20th, and 21st, but what even is The Pajama Game? Read about the show, from the plot to the amazing cast, and even how to get involved!

Top Sports Photos of 2014

By Britton Barthold- January '15

SportsIn a year full of great moments, we countdown the top five sports photographs from 2014.

Are Snow Days Worth It?

By Claire Borecki- January '15

SnowIt's a miracle (or a curse) that we've made it to midterms without snow days. Everyone agrees that snow days are fun, but things that are fun have consequences. Will we be able to llive with the consequences when the weather warms up?

College Process: Season 2, Episode 4

By Anonymous- January '15

College“Well, I didn’t get in Grandma.” “No, no… I don’t know where I am going yet.” "Yes, I know it is important to go to college." "I will choose a 'prestigious university that is reputable', don't worry" "Oh, your second cousin's best friend's husband's niece went there? Hopefully I will get in regular then!"


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Music Reviews

U2's Songs of Innocence

By Chris Drake - January '15

U2"Although titled Songs of Innocence, U2’s latest album has critics and music listeners crying foul..., not so much for the quality of the music but for the method of distributing it to the public."

Ed Sheeran's X

By Jessica Little - January '15

Ed Sheeran"Ed Sheeran’s ability to share his personal feelings and talk about issues most people
would prefer not to is the main ingredient to his success".

Jhene Aiko's Souled Out

By Kailey Anderson - January '15

Jhene Aiko "After a decade of hard work and dedication, Jhené Aiko (pronounced Juh-nay Ah-ee-ko) stunned fans with Souled Out, her debut album that has climbed charts all over the world."

OneRepublic's Native

By Carson Halabi- January '15

OneRepublic"Within the sixty precious minutes of the set of tracks, Native grabs the attention of melancholy romantics, as well as listeners with a bit of an edge."

Childish Gambino's Because the Internet

By Wynn Hollis - January '15

Childish Gambino"The hidden, coded experience Gambino provides in Because the Internet leaves it all up for interpretation, but attempts to make others realize the importance of the Internet and the way we use it."

Mumford and Sons' Babel

By Lauren Vogel - January '15

Mumford and Sons"Mumford and Sons has managed to blend distinctly different genres and get away with it. The band's music is a melting pot of alternative, rock, and folk influences."


Grammy Predictions

By Ford Thompson- January '15

GrammyWhich artists will take home Grammy gold on February 8, 2015? Read about Neirad's predictions.

"Finstas"- Fake Instagrams

By Bridget Hannigan- January '15

FinstaWondering why people are suddenly creating new instagram accounts and posting not-so-flattering pics of themselves? Hint: they're fake.

Sony, The Interview Crisis

By Erinn Ravosa- January '15

SonyRemember that movie that you wanted to see? Well, it’s not being released as scheduled.

Unbroken Review

By Jake Frasca- January '15

UnbrokenThe inspiring WWII novel that we all read this summer is now a major motion picture.

The Hobbit Review

By Sam Hickey- January '15

The HobbitThe final installment of the epic Hobbit trilogy is here. Read what Neirad thought of it.


Youth Asset Team Survey

By Erinn Ravosa- January '15

Youth Asset TeamDo you remember that survey you took in homeroom? Read on to find out what fellow DHS students are saying about it.

What To Do After a College Rejection

By Caroline McKay- January '15

CollegeThe first college rejection is always the hardest. Read here to find out how to get back in the game.

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Winter Sports Preview

By Mary Brown and Amanda Percarpio- January '15


After a very successful fall season, DHS athletics are ready to continue indoors. Take a look at what's ahead for the winter sports season. 

House Basketball

By James Fox- January '15

House ballHouse basketball is a DHS phenomenon. Read about the great organization and its popularity among DHS students.

Turkey Bowl Importance

By Britton Barthold- January '15

Turkey BowlIt's more than just a game. Find out what makes the Turkey Bowl the biggest event of the year.


Post-Christmas Shopping

By Ford Thompson- January '15

H&MSo, the holidays have come and gone. What are you going to do with that money your grandparents got you? Didn't get the clothes you want? Check out some great places for shopping after the holidays.

New Year's Resolutions

By Sam Hickey- January '15

Whole FoodsDeciding on whether or not to make a New Year's Resolution? Here's an overview of all the pros and cons that go into the decision.   

Best Hot Chocolate Recipes

By Erinn Ravosa- January '15

Hot ChocolateToo lazy to go and buy hot chocolate? Try making your own with these recipes.