Spam Sushi . . . Who Knew? What's the history of this simple stick? Will there be a turkey bowl this year? When will it be summer?

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Title IX at Darien High School, Past to Present

By Claire Borecki- June '15

Enacted in 1972, Title IX mandated equal access to and funding for sports for women. DHS, an athletic powerhouse, has come under scrutiny in recent years due to alleged Title IX violations. Neirad reporter Claire Borecki researched Title IX at DHS past and present - read here for the results of her investigation.

Turkey Bowl Saga

By Britton Barthold- May '15

dukeA decades old Thanksgiving tradition, turkey bowls almost went the way of the carrier pidgeon when the FCIAC decided to eliminate football competitions on Thanksgiving Day for 2015. See the latest on this controversial calendar proposal.

. . . Those Plasma Screens in the LCC

By Johnathan Stimpson - May '15

albumMany months ago the Learning Connections Center got an overhaul with the installation of several new plasma screen workstations. While the equipment is beautiful, it's still a mystery to most students how those enclaves are going to be used in this popular student work hub.

Quiz Me - Favorite Movie Lines

By Britton Barthold and Chris Drake - May '15

You may think you know your movie lines - test yourself against some of the awesome lines from films chosen by the Neirad staff.



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"Get Hard" - Get Out

By James Fox - June '15

drakeWhy, oh why, should one spend even a minute watching the latest Will Farrell effort? There are redeeming features.

How to Watch Scary Movies

By Chris Drake - June '15

the gamblerBased on what you're looking to get out of it, there is a right and a wrong way to see horror movies- depending on how the movie is seen, it could leave you unable to sleep for days or questioning its consideration as a horror movie!


Simply a Vision of Our Best Selves?

By Nicholas Hartunian - June '15

Hartunian poses the philosophical question if our aspirations can manifest themselves in a collective hallucination of an uber-student.

Lunchtime Possibilities

By Nicholas Hartunian - June '15

DHS has an ample lunch break compared to many schools - this leads to students wondering what to do with more-than-enough-time to-get-to-class. Here are suggestions.

Around Town

Teen Talent Show

By Madeleine Ostertag - June '15

the gamblerLots of great music and great prizes made the Teen Advisory Board's Talent Show at the Darien Public Library a night of fun entertainment.



Pencil History

By Madeleine Ostertag - June '15

With technology being the be all and end all, why do we still feel an affection for the old-school pencil?

Spam v. Spam

By Madeleine Ostertag- June '15

We all know what spam is. However, how did it get its name from a military C-ration concoction of meat products?

Elections 2016

Hilary 2016: Why not.

By Molly Bell - May '15

rosesWhat the media won't tell you, so I took the liberty of compiling this information myself. You're welcome.

Hilary 2016: Why Not?

By Johnathan Stimpson - May '15

heartDespite a past checkered by accusations of impropriety, Hillary Clinton emerges as a viable choice in a field of fellow Presidential contenders.