Aren't you tired of us always using this photo for everything? Skinny pants are on their way 308's Fall Production is . . . We're . . . taking names and then kicking butt - goodbye anonymity

April: 2015


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Senior Prank Requests Sent to Administration

By Batman and Robin- April FIRST '15

Have you noticed a lack of creativity in previous years' senior pranks? Have no fear, as Neirad offers professional advice and suggestions for pranks that would be fun for both the students and administration and would require little to no work to pull off.  

Fashion Forecast: the Skinny on Pants

By Nicholas Hartunian - April FIRST '15

Move over comfy khakis - the forecast for Spring is skinny jeans for guys. One writer travelled to Paris to get the - well - skinny on this once-reserved-for-boy-bands trend.


Yik Yak Losing Its Anonymity: OMG

By Wynn Hollis and Kyra Hammer - April 'FIRST 15

A recent announcement by the social media application has denizons of DHS concerned. Yaks' authors will soon be made public . . . wait for it . . . retroactively. That means we will now know the identities of our once-secret fans and haters. Neirad found an unlikely group of concerned Yakkers: teachers. What will this revelation reveal?

Awesome New Electives for 2015-2016

By Rocket and Groot - April FIRST '15


In an effort to reduce stress while improving student choice, the Blue Wave has unrolled a host of new electives. Check out these offerings and run, don't walk to your guidance counselor to make sure you don't miss out.


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Shaving SoapsBy Nicholas Hartunian - April FIRST '15

drakeThis month's grooming column features advice reagarding the manly art of shaving. Moving beyond the realm of Barbasol and Gillette can be a morning elevating.

Ode to the Safety Razor

By Nicholas Hartunian - April FIRST '15

the gamblerThere's a recent buzz about the economy of the double-bladed razor blade, a relic long relegated to the Smithsonian archives. What's the fuss about?

After Shaving: Aftershave!

By Nicholas Hartunian - April FIRST '15

rosesAfter getting that smooth close shave, there's no finer finish than aftershave.

Board of Ed

Ninth Grade Moving to MMS Beginning Sept 2015

By Molly Bell- April FIRST '15

To ease overcrowding in DHS' hallways and classrooms, and in accordance with the Common Core, the Board of Education today announced that MMS will become a grade 6-9 campus.


Fave YA Author Writing for Bama - Totes Rad SpeechesBy Ford Thompson - April FIRST '15

The West Wing wants to increase its appeal to younger voters so they've hired "Fault in Our Stars"and Crash Course tween dream John Greene as the Presidential speech writer. "Neirad" looks at this epic event.



Theater 308 to do 50 Shades

By Ford Thompson- April FIRST '15

The halls are buzzing with anticipation as Theater 308 announces that it will perform the popular S&M production.

Mr. Keeler: DHS's Nic Cage?

By Nic Cage- April FIRST '15

U.S History teacher Mr. Keith Keeler has taken fandom over the "National Treasure" movie series to a new level- follow him on his quest to discover the hidden City of Gold that is featured in the movies.


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