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April: 2014


The Neirad Daily


Top Stories

School Spirit

By Barbara Bell and Sarah Cattano- April '14

common appHave you noticed that the student section at games this year have been noticeably more crowded? Thanks to the Darien High School “Superfans,” school spirit has become bigger and better, and we aren’t the only ones who are noticing.

Sleep Deprivation

By Laurel De Luca - April '14

common appHard working students at DHS may have trouble waking up in the morning, and then staying up for the rest of the day... Find out what sleep deprivation might be doing to you.


AP Art

By Barbara Bell- April '14

common appThere are arguably a lot of hard classes here at DHS, but one more uncommon one lies in the art wing. Find out here how 18 seniors have been slaving away in AP Art.


DHS's Best Ways to Help on Earth Day

By Mary Brown- April '14

common appHow can you help planet Earth on Earth Day?




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The Forum Club

By Caroline Mckay- April '14

common appDarien High School’s newest club has a catchy name and an appealing draw: “The Forum” is a book club for music. Check it out here!

Healthy Food Obsession

By Lindsay Holek- April '14

common appEver had kale chips or seaweed snacks? You’re not alone.  Read here to hear about how healthy food is taking over at DHS, and it’s not all just your average salad.


By Logan Etheredge - April '14

common appPajamas, the most comfortable sets of clothing ever created by mankind. So why can't we wear them to school?

Running Races

By Lindsay Holek- April '14

common appEver wanted to try out running, but didn’t want to join the track team?  These races aren’t just for runners; they’re for anyone willing to have some fun while running a new kind of race.

Snow Day Roundup

By Logan Etheredge - April '14

common appWe've had a lot of snow days this year. Some like it, some don't. What is DHS saying about our snowy winter?


Early Applications: No Guarantee

By Morgan Sawitsky - April '14

common appA lot of people think that sending in an Early Application to college means that you're going to get in. Sorry, but we don't guarantee it.


By Amanda Sload- April '14

common appEveryone's had people in their classes or their friends out of school with concussions? But what's it really like from the perspective of students? How does DHS deal with students with concussions? Read on to find out.

Rio World Cup 2014

By Maeve Cutts- April '14

common appRio is hosting the FIFA World Cupthis summer. Are they prepared for it? Who knows? We do...



Conor and Zach's Fantasy Sports Column: March Madness

By Conor Davey and Stephen Barston-

April '14

footballWant to make sure that you dominate your fantasy baseball league this year? Then click here to find out the perfect draft strategy that will propel your team into the history books.

Future of Michael Vick

By Jake Frasca- April '14

common appWill Mike Vick find a starting roll for the 2014-15 NFL season? Find out here.


MLB All Star Predictions

By Anthony DiMeglio- April '14

common appIt's never too early to start predicting who is going to make the MLB All Star game.




Sam's Column: Sam's Superlatives

By Sam Meyjes - March '14

sam  Hey kids, wanna buy some superlatives? Sorry, I'm not actually selling. But I did write some, so, I guess theres that...

Just a Thought

By Morgan Sawitsky - March '14

just a thoughtHow to deal with a "Stay-cation" in Darien over April Break.




DHS's Foreigners

By Bridget Hannigan - April '14

common appBorn in Manhattan or Munich? Singapore or Seattle? Where were these DHS students born?


Timmy Scolaro Profile

By Colleen Heaney- April '14

common appTimmy Scolaro. The man, the myth, the legend. Also, the skier and filmmaker and stuff. Pretty cool kid, you should check it out.

Hot in the Lot: Sam Savage

By Caroline Mckay- April '14

common appLots of kids in Darien have Jeeps. This one is just a lot cooler. Check out Sam Savage's sweet Jeep Commander

Fashion and Entertainment

House of Cards

By Maeve Cutts- April '14

common appHouse of Cards, the Netflix original series, is a pretty good TV show. Check out Neirad's review of the show here!

Spring Break Essentials

By Amanda Percarpio- April '14

common appLost for what to pack in your suitcase for Spring Break? Neirad is to the rescue!


Top Tens

DHS's Favorite Musicians

By Brad Magnusson- April '14

common appEver wanted to know what is on the iPods at DHS? Find out here!



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Published in this Issue:


- President Reed Barthold Impeached By: Brad Magnusson


- DHS 'Narks' Get Rowdy By: Sarah Cattano


- New DHS Spirit Day: Truesday By: Zachary Basu


- Non-Senior Drivers Get Towed By: Michael Cassidy


- Von Schmidt Hands Out Trees to Guys By: Conor Davey


- Possible Pregnancy Pact at DHS By: Jamie Lynn Spears


- Bye Bye Booty: DHS Updates Dress Code By: Morgan Swaitsky


- DHS Goes Feral: Burn Books Discovered By: Gretchen Weiners


- PE is Bringing Back the Mile By: Barbra Bell


- Foreign Language L'Axed By: Bridget Hannigan


- Micky Marrash By: Colleen Heaney


- House Basketball Marred by Point Shaving Scandal By: Stephen Barston


- Demaio to Head Dodgeball Vegas Team By: Tristan Ersek


- Coach Cross: Hulk's Alter Ego By: Colin Flynn