DHS Superfans support Wave Puck Sophomores took a trip to Broadway to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Are we seeing a return of the trends of the 90s? Who has the best hot chocolate in Darien?

March: 2015


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Sophomores Spend a Day in Broadway

By Chris Drake- March '15

broadwayEnglish classes led by Mr. Rejan and Ms. Sorensen traveled to Broadway this past December to see a performance of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at the Barrymore Theater.

March Madness Bracket- No Entry Fee!

By Colin Flynn- March '15

dukeNeirad is going to be hosting the Darien March Madness bracket on ESPN. The tournament is open to all students and faculty alike, and there is no entry fee. The winner will receive a gift card, courtesy of Neirad.

Joey Bada$$ Album Review

By Stephen Barston - March '15

albumThe much anticipated album B4.Da.$$ by the up-and-coming rapper Joey Bada$$ has been released, and critics are saying that his gamble has paid off. Click to read more.

College Process Season 2, Ep. 5 "Now We Wait"

By Anonymous - March '15


Where is the instant gratification that we all want? Seniors' applications are filed - now what? Do we stalk admissions offices' Twitter accounts for a shout out? Do we email admissions officers attesting to our particular attributes that make us perfect for their schools? Is it time to catch up on that Netflix queue?

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Drake's "If You're Reading This" Album Review

By James Fox- March '15

drakeJust in time for Valentine's Day, Drake dropped this surprise album titled "If You're Reading This." Check out Neirad's review.

The Gambler Movie Review

By Jake Frasca- March '15

the gamblerMark Wahlberg's latest character, professor Jim Bennett, suffers from an awful gambling addiction. The movie follows his attempt to get out of debt.

From February

Valentine's Day is Fraught With Expectations

By Amanda Percarpio - March '15

rosesEver wondered about why we have Valentine's Day? Read about the history of Valentine's Day and what students' expectations are for this decidedly controversial holiday.

Nicholas Sparks' Best Love Stories

By Mary Brown- March '15

heartWorried about spending Valentine's Day without a date? Or just looking to appreciate a timeless romantic film? Check out these great ones by the one and only Nicholas Sparks.

I Need a Hot Chocolate Break

By Molly Bell - March '15

heartNeed a rich, delicious cup of hot chocolate to get you through the day? Here are the best places to go in Darien for your stomach and for your wallet.


How Do You Stream?

By James Fox - March '15

Three services deliver what we listen to. Check out the features, platforms and disadvantages of iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud

It's Festival Season!

By Ford Thompson - March '15

Maybe you're heading to Coachella, maybe you'll listen in on coverage of Coachella - there are lots of local music festivals as well - here's a review of the lineups - the good the bad and the . . . old. Read before you buy your ticket.


College Through the Eyes of a Junior

By Britton Barthold- March '15

SATSadly, the college process begins well before senior year with the horrors known as SATs and college visits, to name a few. Read on to see how juniors feel about the dreaded

Oh the Places You'll Go with DECA

By Chris Drake- March '15

creative writing"In its first year as a club, Darien DECA succeeded in the state competition at the Aquaturf in Plainsville, CT. Seven competitors placed in the top three for their event and have earned a spot in April's National DECA Competition in Orlando!

It's Not Over Til It's Over

By Caroline McKay- March '15

mascotSeniors have finally made it to their eighth semester- and it's time to rejoice! Read what seniors are most looking forward to during their final months at DHS.



Caf Food or Cuisine?

By Britton Barthold - March '15

While many associate school cafeteria food with rubber hot dogs and coagulated mac&cheese, DHS' cafeteria presents its students with impressive options. Why are many still afraid to go beyond the predicatable sandwich and fruit cup?

Are the 90s Haunting Us?

By Wynn Hollis - March '15

'Friends' and chokers are back! Does this mean so are the '90s?




A New Era of Superfans

By Colin Flynn- March '15


During these past few years at DHS, there has been quite a growth in the interest of our athletic teams. There is a rising attendance level and a whole new spirit.

Top 5 Sports Uniforms

By Anthony DiMeglio- March '15


Who should take home the title for best sports uniform of all time? Read to see what teams Neirad believes have the greatest apparel.

European Soccer Recap

By Sam Hickey- March '15

soccerAs the January Transfer Window opens and the mid-season point is reached, here's a look at the first half recap in the top 5 leagues in European soccer.