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September: 2014


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Summer Trends

By Mary Brown- September '14

Summer TrendsSummer may seem like it ended years ago by now... How about a look back at the trends of the Summer of 2014? From the Ice Bucket Challenge and flash tats to the Share a Coke campaign, the trends are worth a recap.


Lesser Known Clubs

By Caroline McKay- September '14

Illegal DownloadInterested in joining a club but don’t know where to start? Click here for some ideas! From Computer Club, home to some of the school's best programmers, to the Ballroom Dance Club, which started just last year and could help your learn a few moves, there's definitely a club for everyone.

Advice for Sophomores

By Britton Barthold- September '14

Illegal DownloadSo, you survived your freshman year... now what? Britton Barthold shares some of his best advice for all the sophomores out there.



green sneekers

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green sneekers


New Teachers

English Department

By Neirad staff- September '14

wavecastLearn more about our new additions to the English department: Ms. Bittman and Ms. Record.

Math and Science Department

By Neirad staff- September '14

Math and Science DHS is lucky to have new math teachers this year, Ms. Almeida and Ms. Pettit, as well as a new chemistry teacher, Dr. Nicasie.

Guidance Department

By Neirad staff- September '14

GuidanceMs. Stanton, Ms. Emanuelson, and Mr. Stansberry are all ready to help with your schedule, college, and more! Learn more about the new guidance counselors this year.

More New Staff!

By Neirad staff- September '14

ArtieHave you seen other new staff around school? Mr. Ross in the history department, Mr. Darin in Tech Ed, and Mr. DeFillippis the Campus Monitor are all added staff this year.

Back to School

10 Things Freshmen Should Not Miss

By Maggie Reilly- September '14

wavecastWith everything DHS has to offer, freshmen may be feeling a little overwhelmed. Check out 10 things you should definitely not miss during your freshman (or any) year.

First Year Teachers

By Logan Etheredge- September '14

wavecastFreshmen, you're not alone. There are some teachers almost as lost as you are. Here's some advice for the new teachers of the building.

Top 5 Last-Minute Back to School Supply Stores

By Jake Frasca- September '14

wavecastWere you away right before school started? Running out of pencils? Check out some easy and convenient back to school suppliers.

Things to Look Forward To

By Anthony DiMeglio- September '14

Student sectionGoing back to school may have been a shockl, but here are some reasons you should be excited about being back!



New Season of 24

By Conor Davey- September '14

24Excited for the new season of TV's hit action-drama series 24? Click here for senior Conor Davey's take.

New Lays Chip Flavor Taste Test

By Amanda Percarpio- September '14

LaysNeirad gets the final verdict on the... interesting... flavors Lays Potato Chips recently released.

DHS' Clubs

Undiscovered Clubs

By Laurel De Luca- September '14

wavecastDHS has an array of undiscovered clubs. Check out some that might interest you!

Profile: Anatomy Club

By Lindsey Holek- September '14

AnatomyOne of DHS' newest clubs is also one of the most popular. From dissections to field trips...this club is pretty cool.