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June: 2014


The Neirad Daily


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Peter Traver

By Justin Yang- June '14

Peter Traver has permanently made his mark in the music field of Darien High School.  With his endless musical talents, he has risen to prominence as he is currently the brass section leader for band, vice president of Theater 308, and president of the Tudor Singers.

Laura Anglade

By Laurel De Luca- June '14

One of the few soon-to-be graduates to know what she wants to do in life, Laura Anglade will follow her passion and continue singing.



Cal Berkeley Recruits

By Amanda Percarpio- June '14

Check out the journey three teammates took to end up at the same college.




Boys Lacrosse Remains Victorious

By Chris Rehm- June '14


The team quite possibly made Blue Wave history with its 10-8 victory over the New Canaan Rams. See what makes the team so successful.


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Kate Halabi

By Amanda Percarpio- June '14

Think you have cool plans for this summer? Think again! Check out what junior Kate Halabi will be studying at Yale Medical School for 7 weeks this summer.

Best Friends Day

By Logan Etheredge- June '14

common appBest Friends are good. Best friends for a whole day is also good. That's good.


Article Generator

By Nicholas Hartunian- June '14

common appEver wonder if a computer program could write better than Neirad can? Well, almost. But not really.


DHS Rockers

By Nicholas Hartunian- June '14

common appCheck out some of DHS's up and coming rock stars!




By Laurel De Luca- June '14

common appHoroscopes are basically predictions about what's going to happen in your life. Read about them here.


Juniors Parking

By Bridget Hannigan- June '14

Seniors hate it. Juniors love it. Everyone else is indifferent. Juniors parking is certainly a controversial issue.

What's on Your Bucket List?

By Anthony DiMeglio- June '14

What are you going to do in your life? Good question. You should put a couple of these on your list.



Little League Coaching Part 2

By Britton Barthold & Kyle Fisher- June '14

common appI am here again with the second part of my journey as a Little League coach. I have learned a few things that a first year coach usually doesn’t know. So, I give to you the biggest do’s and don’ts of coaching a rowdy group of 10 year olds.

The Jumbotron Men

By Conor Davey- June '14

Ever wondered how the Jumbotron is operated? Meet the students who run this million-dollar piece of equipment and the technology behind it.

New Turf Fields

By Jake Frasca- June '14

DHS is gearing up for a couple new turf fields, including a new baseball field. Read about it here.

World Cup Preview

By Stephen Barston- June '14

The World Cup is coming up. That means that every soccer fan is making their predictions. So are we.



College Essentials

By Maeve Cutts - June '14

common appWhat do you need when you leave for college? The Essentials, that's what.


Advice from Seniors

By Tristan Ersek- June '14

Seniors have been around for a while, so they have a bunch of great advice to give. That's cool.


How to Stay Organized

By Amanda Percarpio- June '14

Is your schoolwork incredibly disorganized?! Check out these tips and tricks on how to reorganize for finals.




Sam's Column: Goodbye

By Sam Meyjes - June '14

sam  I gotta tell you, I'm not at all sad to leave this place...




A Cure to Summer Boredom

By Bridget Hannigan- June '14

common appSummer can be boring. So make it not boring, or whatever.



Darien Beaches

By Brad Magnusson- June '14

Darien has a couple beaches that you could go to this summer. Find out all about them here.


Local Summer Activities

By Logan Etheredge- June '14

You don't need to go to Nantucket or Florida to have fun this summer. Check out some of the best activities to do around here.

Summer Music Festivals

By Lindsey Holek - June '14

Music Festivals are a great summer activity for many high schoolers to attend. Check out some of them here.


Godzilla Review

By Colin Sullivan- June '14

common appAfter sixteen years, “Godzilla” has finally hit the big screen again. But does this fresh reboot live up to its massive expectations? Read the review to find out.

Supermodel Album Review

By Lindsey Holek- June '14

Check out the review for the new Foster the People album, Supermodel!