What's not to love about the new Baking Club? Fall sports teams have an awesome student section These girls are trying out Neirad's advice on how to win a guy in ten days Is there an obsession with sports apparel here at DHS?

November: 2014


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2014 Turkey Bowl Preview

By Britton Barthold- November '14

Summer TrendsThe 2013 Turkey Bowl victory against New Canaan made history. This year, Wave Ball is ready to for its 87th Turkey day matchup against the Rams.


How To Win a Guy in Ten Days

By Mary Brown- November '14

Illegal DownloadHere's the best advice from seniors on how to win that guy in just ten short days. These tips will make it seem easy. "Day 1: Snapchat him constantly until you are his #1 friend..."


How to Dress Like a Hipster

By Ford Thompson- November '14

Illegal DownloadBeing creative is actually a lot harder than it looks. The biggest issue is that if everyone tries to be original, originality ceases to exist. Here is Neirad's take on how to dress like a hipster.


College Process: Season 2, Ep. 1

By Anonymous- November '14

Illegal DownloadAlmost everyone will encounter at least one supplemental essay somewhere along the college process. When you have more than one for several schools? Goodbye, social life.


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Novembeard Returns

By Colin Flynn- November '14

wavecastThe beloved November tradition continues. Check out this year's biggest and best beards.

Must-See Horror Movies

By James Fox- November '14

GuidanceThough Halloween has passed, horror movie season has just begun. Here are a few of the scariest, most popular, and most critically acclaimed horror films in the industry.

Best Black Friday Stores

By Jake Frasca- November '14

ArtieSee what stores may be of interest to you this Black Friday. Best deals, best's all right here!

November: National Sleep and Comfort Month

By Claire Borecki- November '14

ArtieNovember is National Sleep Comfort Month. But what does that mean when we’ve forgotten what a good night’s sleep really feels like?


36 Hours in NYC

By Kyra Hammer- November '14

wavecastIt is so easy to hop on a train and explore New York City. Check out Neirad's ideas for what to do when you are there!

"Interstellar" Movie Review

By Caroline McKay- November '14

wavecastChristopher Nolan's out-of-this-world thriller is playing now. Read on to see what Neirad had to say about this epic thriller.    

Alt-J Album Review

By Ford Thompson- November '14

Student sectionRead about “This is All Yours,” Alt-J’s almost impeccable new album that reached Number One on the UK album charts.

"Fury" Movie Review

By Sam Hickey- November '14

Student sectionWith this all-star cast, "Fury" has got to be a great war movie. Read on to hear Neirad's take.

iPhone 6 Takeaway

By Sam Hickey- November '14

Student sectionLooking for a new phone and wondering if the iPhone is the best fit for you? Check out this comprehensive overview of the iPhone 6 before making any further decisions.

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DHS' Dress Code

By Erinn Ravosa- November '14

24Hey, you! You can't wear that. I'm serious. Look at the dress code...

Advice From College Freshman to Seniors

By Justin Yang- November '14

Lays Read on to hear what current college freshman wish they knew when they were seniors at DHS.

New Baking Club

By Erinn Ravosa- November '14

LaysHungry for a delicious baked good? Yeah, I thought so. Want to find out where you can get one? Read on


Sports Apparel

By Mary Brown- November '14

wavecastSports apparel definitely dominates the wardrobes here at DHS, but why?

Fall Sport Phenoms

By Anothony DiMeglio- November '14

AnatomyHave you been keeping up with DHS' fall sports? If not, here are the notable players of this season.